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TGE Ep 62 – Watches: The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 2

September 7, 2018

That's right, folks!  TGE Watches is back with another (and probably our last) episode of 2018, and we're ending on a doozy!  The Handmaid's Tale caught fire last year and we're here to discuss season two in its entirety, and oh man is it some of the most depressing stuff that I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing through other people.  Host Dante Buccieri and cohosts Regina, Isabela, and Jaye cover everything that needs to be said about The Handmaid's Tale in excruciating detail.  You'll get depressed all over again just listening to us discuss pivotal events in the show and postulate about its future!

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Dante: @DanteInformal
Regina: @doclizz
Isabela: @izzorizzo
Jaye: @JayeMilius

*Content warning for discussion of sexual violence*